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Franchise Training and Support

Unrivaled Franchise Support with Discover Strength

Discover Strength isn’t just a franchise – it’s a partnership. Our unrivaled franchise support and world-class training will equip you with everything needed to operate a thriving fitness business. 

In-depth Training for Long-Term Franchise Success

At Discover Strength, we believe in empowering our franchise partners through comprehensive, initial, and ongoing training. As you launch your fitness studio franchise, our intensive training ensures you feel confident and prepared. Moreover, our management and leadership programs are specifically designed to drive studio performance and foster high staff engagement, setting your business up for sustainable success.

Continuous Support

Discover Strength is committed to providing continuous, comprehensive support to all our franchise partners. Our ongoing support functions include remote assistance and periodic business consulting visits at your fitness studio franchise, covering key areas such as marketing, operations, finances, and client service.

Further, our Annual Discover Strength Franchise conference connects you to the fitness industry, bringing together thought leaders in business, management, leadership, and exercise. This immersive experience is crafted to provide actionable insights and strategies, all designed to fuel your business growth.”

Operations, Technology & Marketing Guidance

Your Discover Strength franchise grants you access to a wealth of essential resources.

  • Our confidential operations manual provides detailed instructions for establishing your business, managing daily operations, team management, and other key functions.
  • Leverage approved technology systems to achieve optimal operational efficiencies.
  • Benefit from our expert marketing guidance, including grand opening planning and an ongoing strategy to attract and retain clients.
  • We also provide detailed specifications to help you launch your studio with a comprehensive plan that guides you from site selection to construction completion.

With Discover Strength, your fitness franchise journey is well-supported every step of the way.

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