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A Fitness Franchise With An Edge

What Makes Discover Strength Unique

We’ve built our reputation at Discover Strength on a distinct and powerful value proposition. As a fitness franchise, we prioritize evidence-based, efficient, and personalized strength training – a unique approach that sets us apart in the increasingly crowded fitness landscape.


The Strategic Niche of Personal Strength Training

With optimized revenue potential per unit of time, coupled with low capital requirements relative to the rest of the industry, means that the Discover Strength boutique fitness franchise model offers an incredible value proposition.


An Easily Accessible Target Client Base

Thirty-five percent (35%) of baby boomers exercise. The fastest growing segment of the fitness population consists of individuals over 50 years old. These are our clients and we serve them well.


A Brand Customers & Franchise Owners Love

6,000+ Active Members. Over 727,000 Training Sessions Completed. 95/100 Net Promoter Score Across Entire Franchise Network.


No Seasonality & Monthly Recurring Revenue

Most of our members use auto-pay, which means predictable monthly recurring
revenue that does not wax and wane due to seasonality.


Bar Raising Employee Retention & Satisfaction Rates

Hiring is a problem in the fitness industry. Most fitness brands deal with high turnover and unreliable staff. With Discover Strength, we know exactly who to hire and only seek degreed professionals, which reduces turnover and increases profitability.


Industry Leading Revenue Per Square Foot

A concept that can work in various shopping centers and other lifestyle-centric locations. No locker rooms, treadmills, showers, or pools. The Discover Strength model offers an incredible value proposition by producing higher revenue per square foot than most retail, restaurant, and fitness business models.

Proven Results. Proven Success.

What truly makes Discover Strength unique is our commitment to science. We deliver measurable results for our clients by focusing on proven research and evidence-based methods. This emphasis on real, demonstrable outcomes provides a compelling reason for clients to choose us and gives our franchisees a tangible competitive edge.

Join The Discover Strength Family

Discover Strength is more than just a franchise – we’re a community committed to empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals. As a Discover Strength franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives while enjoying the rewards of owning a thriving fitness business.

Are you ready to harness the power of Discover Strength’s competitive advantage? Your journey to success starts here.  Contact us today at (612) 581-9377 or complete our contact form.

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