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Discover Strength is a unique fitness brand created to help busy people get in better shape in less time through our evidence-based approach to personal strength training. Over the last 17 years, we’ve developed a fitness business model that performs and stands out in a crowded industry, making it the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in owning a thriving boutique fitness franchise.

    Voted “Best Gym for Busy People”

    At Discover Strength, we understand the science behind effective workouts. Our model of boutique fitness franchising revolves around personalized strength training, designed to deliver maximum results in minimal time. Our approach is evidence-based, drawing from the latest research in exercise science to create a strength training regimen that truly works. The short, intense workouts we offer not only help our clients get in better shape, but also fit into their busy lifestyles.

    1 REP | 1 SET | 1 CLIENT

    Our Services

    • N1-On-1 Small Personal Training
    • NSmall Group Training
    • N1-On-1 Virtual Training
    • NBOD POD® Body Composition Testing
    • NMEDX™ Medical Low Back Therapy

    Features & Benefits

    • NEfficient 30 minutes, Twice per week.
    • NEvidence Based
    • NExpert, Educated Trainers
    • NNo Long Term Contracts
    • NNo Cancellation / Initiation Fees

    We Run on EOS

    Throughout the entire Discover Strength Franchise network, teams are utilizing The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

    • ZProductive meetings staff actually enjoy.
    • ZQuarterly goals that everyone is a part of to get the team aligned with the annual goal and the vision.
    • ZQuarterly one-to-one meetings with your direct reports for employee engagement.
    • ZClear and simple marketing plan.
    • ZTools for you to be an effective leader and manager.

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