We’re thrilled to announce that Discover Strength has been featured in a spotlight article on franchise.org, recognizing our impressive expansion in the first half of 2023. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering impactful strength training perfectly tailored for the time-conscious individual.

Driving Franchise Growth Through an Innovative Fitness Experience

The feature unfolds with the news of Discover Strength branching out into 15 new territories, emphasizing our mission to bring scientifically-backed, efficient workouts to individuals nationwide. And the journey doesn’t stop there! We are poised to further our reach, with plans to award an additional 10 franchise territories and unveil 13 dynamic locations spanning from Illinois to Florida.

Luke Carlson, our CEO, captured our essence when he remarked

“Discover Strength revolves around the belief that today’s fast-paced world demands exercises that deliver, not drain. The joy I feel seeing our dedicated team offer rigorous, result-driven workouts that fit seamlessly into bustling schedules is immense. And the prospect of extending these benefits to more corners of the country fills me with anticipation.”

Our Commitment to Bringing Evidence-Based Strength Training Nationwide

Discover Strength’s commitment to providing evidence-based strength training will continue to be our top priority through 2023 and beyond. The strength training niche within the fitness industry has continued to grow in popularity due to the rise in research and studies proving the benefits of strength training. With evidence-based research supporting improvements in cardiovascular health, bone density, and ultimately living a longer and healthier life, strength training has cemented its use within the fitness industry and continues to increase in popularity.

With the emergence of more research indicating that strength training is the key to living a longer and healthier life, we are thrilled to provide such a life-changing service to clients across the country.

A Niche Fitness Franchise Opportunity Ideal for Both Multi-Unit and Single Unit Franchise Partners

As we continue our franchise expansion, we are actively seeking both single and multi-unit franchise partners looking to invest in the growing market of strength training.

Check out the complete feature article on franchise.org and learn more about our journey in 2023.

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