Recently featured in Franchising Magazine, Discover Strength has become a leader in the strength training franchise space, with new locations opening across the country due to their commitment to helping people live healthier lives through tailored fitness programs backed by science.

Leading Strength Training Franchise Proves You Don’t Need Gimmicky Equipment and Endless Cardio for Improved Health

Discover Strength, the leading strength training franchise, proves you don’t need gimmicky equipment and endless cardio to improve your health. Founded in 2006, Discover Strength has bridged the gap between exercise science and typical consumer practices in the gym. Discover Strength has shown that its evidence-based strength training program can help improve health and performance without sacrificing time or energy.

Discover Strength’s Program & Impact on Client Fitness Levels

The team at Discover Strength consists of experienced exercise physiologists who understand the needs of busy people. Their 30-minute strength workouts are programmed twice a week and supervised by exercise professionals with 4-year degrees in exercise science. Additionally, these professionals hold multiple certifications and read up on the latest research, so they are always up to date on what works best.

“Our goal was to create an effective program that could fit into any lifestyle,” said Luke Carlson, CEO of Discover Strength. “We want everyone to have access to efficient exercise routines to help them reach their fitness goals. Our strength training program is the key to achieving this goal.”

With Discover Strength’s strength training program, you can improve your body composition, cholesterol levels, and cardio-metabolic health without spending hours in the gym each week. Research backs every step of their process and shows that strength training is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

Check out the original article in Franchising Magazine’s August 2023 Issue here.