Professional support for your fitness studio franchise.


Now is the time to make a difference through business ownership with a Discover Strength Boutique Fitness franchise.


Our Core Value of Servant Leadership serves as the foundation for our commitment to supporting our franchise owners.
At Discover Strength, we want to develop world-class exercise practitioners as well as leaders and managers. To this end, we’ve developed tools and systems that will contribute to your constant journey toward mastery as a fitness professional and business leader.

Let us show you how the Discover Strength brand and our family of franchise owners benefit from years of education, commitment and expertise.

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Management & Leadership


Intensive initial and ongoing training, to ensure you are confident as you launch your fitness studio franchise, and as you continue ongoing operations.

Management and leadership training which will drive the performance of studios and engagement of staff.
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Operations, Technology & Marketing


A confidential operation manual that details what you need to know about establishing the business, daily operating procedures, team management, and other important business functions.


Access to approved technology systems, for optimal operational efficiencies.


Marketing guidance, including grand opening planning and an ongoing marketing strategy to attract and retain clients.


Access to detailed specifications to launch your studio with a comprehensive plan that walks you through site selection to construction completion.

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Continuous Support


Ongoing support functions, including remote support as well as periodic field business consulting visits at your fitness studio franchise, covering marketing, operations, finances, client service and more.


Connecting you to the fitness industry, with the Annual Discover Strength Franchise conference that brings together thought leaders in business, management, leadership and exercise, all designed to grow your business.

Reviews & Press Mentions

What do clients, trainers and the community say about Discover Strength?

“With segmentation, divergence and specialization, smaller niche retailers [have] emerged, and they became large focusing on just one thing. The same is happening in health clubs. I learned about the importance of narrowly defining a strategic niche and the idea that the strength of a brand grows as it becomes more focused in scope, and the strength of the brand weakens as the scope increases.”

-– Founder and CEO, Luke Carlson,
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“Better than everything I have tried. Efficient and effective. The staff is well trained, the equipment is top of the line, and the theory is based entirely on peer reviewed research, not trends or gimmicks.”

-Moe S., Yelp

“Constant learning and professional development.” “The core growth plan helps keep us on track for our professional development.” “Staff and coworkers that care about your success as much as their own.” “Terrific income potential.”

Glass Door 

”I like the personal care and effort taken to explain every exercise in detail and how it brings about change.” 

-A.W., Listen360

“So impressed by Discover Strength! The trainers were always professional, friendly, and challenged me to work hard. I felt safe even at maximum intensity on the equipment. Really appreciated how they made the best use of time and gave concise instructions.” 

– Jennifer N., Facebook

“The Staff at Discover Strength are all excellent. It is quite apparent they each have a deep interest in their clients ongoing improvement. I thoroughly enjoy my time with each of the Trainers.”

 W.S., Listen360

If you are looking for science-based group and 1on1 training that last about 30 minutes and shows results that can be monitored and tracked. This is your place. The trainers are engaging and want to help you succeed.”

-Jason O., Facebook

“Do you want a really hard workout, but don’t have very much time on your hands? Discover Strength requires just 30 minutes twice a week in order to see results, but you better come prepared to work hard.”

– CBS Minnesota